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Wine MenuOur wines and label designs have won numerous honors in local, state and regional competitions. We invite you to judge for yourself. Come in and sample our wines, stroll through the vineyard, join us for a wine tour or maybe have a glass of wine with your lunch. As always, we look forward to your visit.


Ritt's ReserveRitt’s Reserve, named after one of Lavender Crest’s owners, is a full-bodied red wine. This Chambourcin wine has a terrific nutty, fruity, violet aroma with a nice velvety dark cherry flavor. Each year a portion of our dry red is set aside and enjoys extended barrel-aging with a special blend of oak. This process enhances the wine’s unique characteristics. Like it’s namesake, Ritt’s Reserve is aged to perfection to bring out the rich berry flavor of the grape. Discriminating tasters will be delighted by a spicy aroma, which invites them to savor this luxurious wine to its long velvety finish.

Colona WhiteOur Colona Red and Colona White wines are as intriguing as the city they are named after. Located in Henry County, Colona, Illinois became an official town in 1855. However, no one really knows how the name came about. Legends support four theories; from discovering “coal on a bank”, to the abundance of wild flowers creating “cologne” in the air, a traveler named Mr. Colona or a shortened version of the word “Colonial”. Since then, the city has embraced such visitors as Abraham Lincoln, Tom Mix and General Pershing and is called home by opera star, Tony Dillon, baseball player, Baby Doll Jackson, racing champion, Lou Fenno and last but not least, Lavender Crest Winery. Cheers!

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Choose from our selection of award-winning wines to the right. From our deep, luxurious Out of the Blue blueberry to our passionate Crimson and Red Velvet, we have a wine for every occasion.
Looking for a unique gift? We can create custom labels for any of the wines we offer. Great for weddings and corporate banquets. We will gladly work with you on any custom orders, just give us a call!

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